Jinhua Municipal Party Committee Secretary Chen Long: I wish your enterprise better and better

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0Month16Early in the morning, Jinhua Municipal Party Committee Secretary Chen Long and his entourage came to the construction site of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical's internationalization project to investigate and affirm the good development status and clear future development ideas of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical.

At the construction site, Jiang Xiaomeng, chairman of the group company and chairman of the pharmaceutical company, introduced the overall situation of the investment scale, factory layout, and production direction of the Jianfeng Pharmaceutical internationalization project to Chen Long and his entourage. Huang Jinlong, general manager of the pharmaceutical company, accompanied Chen Long and his entourage to visit the preparation workshop under construction. The construction site is neat, tidy and orderly, and the facilities and equipment are perfect and advanced, all have been unanimously affirmed by the leaders who came to investigate. When learning that the peak internationalization project has introduced international advanced equipment, built in accordance with European and American standards, and its products are oriented to the international market, Chen long said happily: "your goal is very clear and your thinking is very clear. I wish your enterprise better and better!