Pharmaceutical Terminal Sales Summary Third Quarter Work

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10Month15On the 3rd, the pharmaceutical sales company held a third quarter summary meeting for terminal sales. at the meeting, the office manager reported on the work of each office in the third quarter and raised some difficulties and problems. Xu Junxiong, executive deputy general manager of the pharmaceutical sales company, summarized the sales situation of the terminal in the third quarter and deployed the main work in the fourth quarter.

Xu Junxiong summarized the sales of various products, the completion of the overall goals of each office, and the development of hospitals, and analyzed the problems of adverse reaction case collection, fleeing goods, hospital development and volume, and the improvement of sales staff's business ability. He pointed out that the main work of terminal sales in the fourth quarter is to analyze the development direction from the perspective of products, and the sales staff should change to the academic role; improve academic participation and increase brand publicity; strictly investigate the goods; strengthen the collection of adverse reaction cases, etc.

After the report, Zhou Wenyi, general manager of the pharmaceutical sales company, analyzed the national policy situation. The pharmaceutical industry is a sunrise industry. I hope that sales staff will have confidence, pay attention to strengthening their own business development and academic ability, and better seize opportunities; While strengthening self-support construction, pay more attention to the management of non-staff personnel; make preparations for the online sales of new products.