Peak Pharmaceutical Factory Accepts Special Inspection

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Peak Pharmaceutical Factory Accepts Special Inspection

News from our newspaperOn the morning of October 16, the law enforcement team of the Anti-drug Brigade of the Jiangnan Branch of the Jinhua Public Security Bureau conducted a special on-site inspection of the storage site of precursor chemicals in the Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory.

In the special warehouse for the storage of precursor chemicals such as hydrochloric acid, acetone and toluene in Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory, the inspection team focused on the three aspects of human prevention, physical prevention and technical prevention in the storage place, including daily material management, safety management, building structure, power distribution, ventilation, safety doors in and out of the warehouse, implementation of the double lock system, as well as video monitoring devices and fire fighting facilities inside and outside the reservoir area, main passages and entrances and places. The inspection team also learned about the enterprise's precursor chemicals management institutions and systems, the training of precursor chemicals management personnel, the approval procedures for precursor chemicals, and the collection records.

The inspection team affirmed the standardized management of precursor chemicals and perfect facilities and equipment of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory, and on this basis, the pharmaceutical factory is required to strictly implement the management system of precursor chemicals and take necessary security measures to prevent the theft, loss and misuse of precursor chemicals. (Zhang Zhijian)