Tiantai Mountain Tour

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On October 24, Jinxi Factory organized a one-day tour of Tiantai Mountain. After first frost, Jinhua's morning had a little coolness, but it still couldn't stop our enthusiasm. We arrived at the scheduled boarding place at 6:50. As Jinhua's journey to Tiantai is about two and a half hours, along the way, some people are closing their eyes, some are whispering, and some are enjoying the changing beauty outside the window.

The first stop on the Tiantai is Jigong's hometown. Following the tour guide, the living Buddha Jigong came to mind with "broken shoes and broken hats, broken cassock on his body. While listening to the tour guide's explanation and feeling the culture of Jigong's hometown, a vivid picture of Jigong's growth slowly unfolded. The buildings in the former residence adopt the style of "three enters and nine Ming halls" of the Southern Song Dynasty. There are three courtyards and nine halls together. The courtyard is connected with the courtyard, and the hall is connected with the hall. The internal buildings are scattered and the pattern is unique and elegant. Everywhere you go, there is a couplet with profound meaning. The strong cultural heritage permeates every courtyard, and you never forget to educate people.

Another scenic spot on the rooftop that has to be visited is the Tiantai Mountain Waterfall. After lunch, we came here. At the beginning of entering the mountain gate, a large square and landscape lake came straight into view, and a large waterfall with a vast white drop of about 300 meters hung on the mountain, which was majestic and majestic. It was described as "the flowing straight down three thousands of feet, suspected to be the Milky Way falling for nine days. With the flow of people going up, all the way is slow or steep steps. Slowly along the waterfall against the stream, there are the splashing drizzle of the stream, the gurgling sound of the water, and the roar of the waterfall hitting the stones. Along the steps, there are the twin waterfalls, the fairyland-like water curtain cave, and the quiet Wisteria corridor Bitan, which makes people linger.

The tour of Tiantai Mountain not only enriches the life of employees, but also enhances the cohesion of the company's employees. (Fuck the inscription)