Pharmaceutical companies through two management system certification audit

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From November 23 to 26, Hangzhou WantaiCertified Limited auditors on the quality of Peak Pharmaceuticals.On-site audit of the environmental management system.The content of this audit is the quality management system (QMS)Annual supervision audit, environmental management system (EMS) recertification,Products covered by certification include tablets, APIs (limited to drug productionCertificate range), eye drops, pills, powder injection, freeze-dried powder injectionThe research and development and production of medicine, ear drops, Chinese medicine extraction.Quality and environmental management. Audit team through on-site inspection, accessDocuments, records and interviews with relevant personnel, etc., to identifyThe pharmaceutical company in the organization, production process, raw and auxiliary.Materials, production equipment, product inspection, measurement management and other management bodies.The effectiveness of the system. The audit team believes that Jianfeng Pharmaceutical has passedYears of management improvement, in product quality management, energy saving and reduction.Some progress has been made in the management of emissions and environmental protection, especially for pre-The technical measures to prevent excessive discharge of waste water are fully affirmed,At the same time, workshop maintenance, hazardous chemicals, hazardous waste storageTransfer and internal auditor training and other aspects of the recommendations, the most.The finality is an unconditional recommend, granting a renewal of the certificate.After hearing the report of the audit team, the manager of the pharmaceutical companyOn behalf of Shen Quan, the relevant departments were requested to compare the changes proposed by the audit team.Comments and suggestions, one by one to implement rectification and improvement, in the futureContinue to strengthen the daily inspection of safety and environmental protection in the work, andOrganize training for internal auditors in due course to improve their performance.Knowledge level, so that the management system can be effectively operated, promote enterprises.Industry management to a new level.