Group Companies Commend 2017 Advanced

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On the afternoon of January 28, the group company held the 2017 annual summary commendation conference. while reviewing the work of the previous year and making arrangements for the work in 2018, the group company solemnly commended the 2017 advanced collectives and individuals, and signed the 2018 economic responsibility system with various professional companies and directly affiliated enterprises.

Yu Jianhong, general manager of the group company, made a work report entitled "create a new situation, create new advantages; embark on a new journey and achieve new brilliance" at the conference. In 2017, according to the company's five-year development plan, all enterprises carried out various operation and management work in an orderly manner around the general policy of "grasping the trend, accurate development, strengthening standards, improving quality, improving management and enhancing efficiency". Achieved unprecedented business performance. Yu Jianhong started from focusing on the company's strategic planning, looking for new opportunities and achieving new results; in-depth management integration and continuous improvement of management level; technological innovation and technological transformation have achieved significant results; strengthening marketing management and market expansion; team building and talent training have made progress; standardize Safety management system, promote the establishment of safety and environmental protection accident-free factories; actively support party, labor, league and volunteer activities, and strengthen corporate culture construction; eight aspects, such as the effective promotion of corporate image and influence, have made a comprehensive summary and review of 2017 work.

2018 is the 60th anniversary of peak entrepreneurship. After a comprehensive analysis of the current national economic situation, policies and the changing trend of the company's related industries, Yu Jianhong, according to the company's five-year development plan and the three-year operation plan of various industrial sectors, put forward the work policy for 2018 as follows: determined to change, deepen management and promote the all-round high-quality development of the enterprise. Focusing on this policy, the key tasks in 2018 are: formulating new plans, promoting new development, and creating new profit growth points; continuing to implement information construction and moving towards intelligent manufacturing; strengthening management responsibilities, promoting management innovation, and comprehensively improving management capabilities; Strengthen technological innovation and improve the development system; further strengthen marketing management and comprehensively improve marketing capabilities; further attach importance to human resource management and strengthen the construction of talent team; establish a new concept of safety management, promote safety and environmental protection management to a higher level; further strengthen the construction of corporate culture, and add impetus to the realization of the corporate vision of "one hundred years of peak.

At the meeting, General Manager Yu Jianhong, on behalf of the Group Company, successively signed the 2018 Economic Responsibility System with Daye Peak, Yunnan Peak, Pharmaceutical Company, Health Technology Company, International Trading Company and Cable Company.

Xiang Chongping, deputy general manager of the group company, read out the list of advanced collectives and individuals of the group company in 2017 at the conference. In the warm atmosphere, the company's advanced red hanging lottery on stage to receive the award. Zheng Kunwu, representative of advanced enterprises and director of Jinxi Pharmaceutical Factory of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Company, Fang Xuhua, representative of advanced party organization and party branch secretary of Yunnan Jianfeng Cement Company, representative of innovation experts and Sun Huageng of Tianjin Jianfeng Natural Products Company, representative of outstanding employees and Yang Zhendong of Daye Jianfeng Cement Company, representative of outstanding salesmen and Wang Xiuling of Xinhua Pharmacy of Jianfeng Pharmacy took the stage to speak respectively, reviewing the past year's work gains and losses and sharing experiences.

At the end of the meeting, Jiang Xiaomeng, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the group company, made a concluding speech on the topic of "focusing on the overall situation, paying attention to three key points and improving four abilities. In his speech, Jiang Xiaomeng, on behalf of the board of directors and the group company, congratulated the advanced collectives and individuals who were commended, and thanked the employees of the peak for their hard work and achieved the best performance in history; at the same time, he hoped that all employees would continue to be full in the new year. Spirit, create more brilliant new performance, and present a gift to the 60th anniversary of Jianfeng's entrepreneurship.