Pharmaceutical company college student dormitory decoration new

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Recently, the peak pharmaceutical company golden hair Xingyuan college students.After the dormitory decoration is completed, employees who have occupancy needs and meet the conditions can followApplication of relevant regulations.Pharmaceutical company Jinfa Xingyuan college dormitory was built earlier,The facilities are not complete. In order to reflect the humanistic care of enterprises for college students,Decided to renovate the college dormitory.The renovation project started at the end of August and was divided into the addition of living facilities,Floor, wall decoration and security doors, sliding doors, electrical wiring, doors and windows,Toilet and other modifications. Pharmaceutical companies have hired professional designers to each.The room is planned and designed, and the bathroom is equipped with water heaters, showers and washes.Washing table, dressing mirror and other facilities, balcony additional washing machine and clothes rack clothBureau, new wardrobe, study table and chair, single bed and Simmons, and addedWiFi for mobile networks; pharmaceutical companies also send on-site supervisorsConstruction supervision and acceptance of construction materials throughout the process. Recently, pharmaceutical companiesThe Integrated Management Department, in conjunction with multi-departmental personnel, has been strict with the renovation project.Acceptance, the construction quality is good, in line with the design requirements.Jinfa Xingyuan dormitory has four floors and 49 rooms, which can meet more than 100 requirements.Employees stay. The relevant person in charge of the pharmaceutical company said that the dormitory for college studentsThe renovation has been completed and the supporting facilities have been added. There are staff in need of occupancy.Workers can fill in the "dormitory application form", the pharmaceutical company will be in accordance with the reRevised dormitory management regulations, unified allocation of rooms.