Big Pharmacy Held 2020 Business Appreciation Meeting

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On November 27, the peak pharmacy was held"Together, Grateful for You" as the theme of the 2020 annual subscriptionGoods meeting and year-end business thank-you meeting, more than 200 factory representatives andStore managers gather to review work in 2020 and look forward to it.Before future developmentKing.Group CompanyDeputy General Manager, MedicineGeneral Manager of Industry CompanyGolden Dragon, PharmaceuticalCompany Party SecretaryJin Huazhong attended the meetingDiscussion. Golden Dragon inSpeech to presentNew and old customersBig Pharmacy SupportThank you, yes.Big Pharmacy Work in 2020Work, all employeesThe hard work is affirmed. He said that the pharmaceutical industry is not.In the past, there are still opportunities and challenges, and large pharmacies should be highly closed.Note policy direction, timely adjustment of business strategy; strengthen self-repairrefining, improve professional service skills, improve customer value-added and; adapt to the new trend, adjust the variety structure in time; introduceNew retail model, broaden sales channels and expand market size.Peak Pharmacy is the backbone of the Peak Group, set.The group will unswervingly support the big pharmacy to become stronger and bigger, hopingNew and old customers present here to strengthen cooperation and achieve the best benefits. TipXiang Shunjiao, general manager of Fengda Pharmacy, said in his thank-you speech that todayAfter that, Peak Pharmacy will further strengthen its cooperation with suppliers,To win-win for the purpose of better health services.Taking the opportunity of holding a thank-you meeting, the big pharmacy also invitedMore than 40 drugs such as Tianshili, Hu Qingyutang and Wantong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.Manufacturers of products and medical devices held product ordering meetings. big medicineThe managers of the stores in the room shuttled back and forth at the site of the ordering meeting, asking carefully about the products.Product situation, according to the needs of their own stores to order;Home representatives enthusiastically promote products and answer product questions in detail.After the order meeting, the manufacturers said that this year's order will be full,I am very satisfied with the arrangement of the large pharmacy and look forward to continuing in the coming year.In order to enliven the atmosphere of the thank-you meeting, the big pharmacy is still allowed.There are wonderful literary festivals such as female solo singing, singing and dancing, magic, etc.Objective.