Spike Pharmaceutical Factory Accepts Environmental Inspection

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On November 26, leaders and experts from Zhejiang Provincial Department of Ecological Environment went to Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory to inspect the creation of zero direct discharge of sewage.

Zheng Kunwu, director of the pharmaceutical factory, accompanied the expert group to inspect the wastewater treatment station, rainwater and sewage diversion system and the sewage zero direct discharge signboard of the pharmaceutical factory on the spot, and introduced the basic production situation of the factory and the specific implementation and main results of the sewage zero direct discharge. The pharmaceutical factory has an independent rain and sewage diversion system. Industrial wastewater, domestic sewage and rainwater are separated from each other, and the reuse of production wastewater and reclaimed water are actively implemented. The treatment capacity of the wastewater treatment station meets the daily sewage treatment requirements. The expert group affirmed the construction of zero direct discharge of sewage in pharmaceutical factories, and also required pharmaceutical factories to further strengthen daily inspections and establish a long-term operation and maintenance management mechanism on this basis.