Huang Jinlong, general manager of pharmaceutical company, went to the international project to guide the work.

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Huang Jinlong, deputy general manager of the group company and general manager of the pharmaceutical company, went to the construction site of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical International Project to guide the work and put forward requirements for the recent work.

As soon as Huang Jinlong arrived at the construction site, he went straight to the construction site of the preparation workshop to learn about the installation of equipment such as tablet presses, granulators and powder mixers from the members of the project team, inspected the construction of clean workshop facilities and clean ground, and also went to the comprehensive warehouse, power center, underground pipe network project outside the workshop and other supporting projects to inspect and understand the progress of the project. In view of the work before the end of the year, Huang Jinlong asked the project team to strengthen the management of the construction team, requiring all construction teams to work together, work overtime, continue to seize the construction period, and ensure that the main civil engineering construction at the end of the year is basically completed and the production equipment and facilities are basically installed in place. At the same time, he also emphasized that the current global neo-coronary pneumonia epidemic is on an accelerated rise, and there are sporadic cases in some areas of the country. The epidemic prevention and control situation this winter and next spring is still severe and complicated. The construction project manager is required to follow the notification requirements for epidemic prevention and control management., Establish a grid management system for epidemic prevention and control, continue to implement prevention and control management measures for mobile foreign personnel, and strictly prevent the occurrence of the epidemic, ensure that the project construction is carried out in a safe, stable and orderly manner.