Beirunning won the "13th Five-Year Chinese Medical Science and Technology Iconic Achievement" Award

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From December 8 to 11, under the guidance of China Pharmacists Association, China over the counter drug Association and China Medical Education Association, the "2020 national pharmaceutical economic information conference and rice room annual meeting" sponsored by punctuation information (Group) was held in Guangzhou. During the event, the authoritative professional media of Chinese medicine, "Pharmaceutical Economics", released the list of "13th Five-Year China Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Iconic Achievements" and awarded the honorary certificate. The peak pharmaceutical product Berunning (Olopatadine Hydrochloride Eye Drops) is among them.
Great changes have taken place in China's pharmaceutical industry during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. Drug review reform, consistency evaluation, volume procurement and other heavy policies in-depth promotion, driving the pharmaceutical industry innovation and upgrading. Chinese pharmaceutical leading enterprises take advantage of the trend, devote themselves to the development of new drugs, actively promote international registration, expand the international market, carry out international mergers and acquisitions, in the world life science stage blooming Chinese style. Lin Jianning, director of the Southern Institute of Pharmaceutical Economics of the State Drug Administration, combed the current operation of the pharmaceutical economy in detail and led the delegates to think deeply about the new changes in the pharmaceutical market in 2021. The industry authoritative media "Pharmaceutical Economic News" sponsored by the Southern Institute of Pharmaceutical Economics released the "13th Five-Year China Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Iconic Achievements" list during the event. The selection of this award aims to explore the scientific and technological achievements of China's pharmaceutical industry during the 13th five-year Plan period from the dimensions of scientific and technological innovation, clinical efficacy, market share and industry influence, so as to help transform pharmaceutical scientific and technological achievements. to help China move from a big pharmaceutical country to a pharmaceutical power. Pinnacle Pharmaceuticals' product, Berunning, is on the list.
Berunning is the first eye drops to pass the consistency evaluation in China, and by virtue of its antagonistic histamine H1-receptor, stable mast cell two-way anti-allergy unique efficacy has been widely concerned. Beirunning in the treatment of children with allergic conjunctivitis has good effect, fast curative effect, will not cause significant mast cell degranulation, so the use of more safe, and almost no adverse reactions to the eye tissue, is the current treatment of allergic conjunctivitis an ideal drug. Since its launch in 2019, Berunning has received unanimous recognition and praise from domestic ophthalmologists.