Experience of year-end chat in Jinhua, a pharmaceutical sales company

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Editor's note:At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, the Jinhua office of the pharmaceutical sales company organized the salesman to write an annual summary, talk about a year's work, share experience, this newspaper excerpted some.


Chen Yanguo

Looking back on the past year, I can't help but feel deeply touched. There was no vigorous success, but it was also an extraordinary test and sharpening.

2020It was a hard year, from the beginning of the year, when the Paroxetine national collection fell, the new crown epidemic led to the work not being carried out well until the second quarter to really get into working condition. However, 2020 is also a brilliant year. My Jinhua Office has completed all sales tasks with everyone's efforts. My personal sales have also increased compared with last year.

Sales is actually a process, including preparation before the visit, visit and follow-up after the visit. The work of our medical representatives is not like ordinary sales. After the first sales transaction, we have to achieve long-term cooperation, from first-time medication to second-line medication, regular medication and even recommend medication, so the follow-up after our visit Work has become the focus of our daily work. I feel that in the future follow-up, I should focus on strengthening friendship and building trust, and strive to establish a lasting partnership. Timely follow-up, uninterrupted follow-up visits, let the doctor feel their dedication and respect for him.

At the same time, as a medical representative, we are dealing with highly educated doctors with extensive clinical experience. Therefore, we must continue to learn, improve our professionalism, and create a peer-to-peer platform to communicate with customers.


Shao Junli

Time passed quickly, and in a twinkling of an eye, 2020 has passed. In this year, with the support and help of the company's leaders and office managers, combined with my own efforts, I have achieved relatively good results in my work.

I would like to mention again the work done when olopatadine eye drops entered Lanxi Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Olopatadine Eye Drops is a product for the treatment of allergic conjunctivitis and a blockbuster product of the Pharmaceutical Company in 2020. In July, I greeted the ophthalmologist of the hospital and hoped to help make a report. Because the company's glass eye has been sold in the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, all the doctors in the ophthalmology department and I have kept visiting frequently, and everyone has great trust in our company's products. At the end of September, Olo was able to enter the hospital. I went to the director of the pharmacy building and showed her our product brochure to tell her the advantages of our products, but the director of the pharmacy department rejected it on the grounds that the price was too high and was unable to enter the hospital. However, I did not give up. Through repeated efforts, the director of the building was finally moved by my sincerity and agreed to go to Tzeolo. After a month and a half, I finally successfully developed Olo into Lanxi Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. After this incident, I also realized that as long as the effort is deep, any difficulty can be overcome, and we must have the spirit of perseverance to do a thing successfully.

In the face of the increase or decrease of the national collection and medical insurance catalogue, we medical people have gone through tests again and again, but we must face the difficulties. Because we always have to face the difficulties first before we can ride the waves later. We will certainly be able to break through the difficulties, through the winter, ushered in the spring. Looking forward to better 2021.


Zhou Yanqiu

2020Years are fleeting. Looking back on this year's work, there are both the melancholy of difficulties and setbacks and the joy of fruitful results.

2020Year is a special year, the new crown epidemic caused by the sudden drop in the foreign population, Yiwu at the beginning of the product catalog adjustment, with volume procurement, three major reasons to the market has brought no small impact. I'm a little overwhelmed by the marked decline in market sales. Natural disasters and policies are beyond our control, but the task still needs to be completed. What should we do?

Through communication with leaders and discussions among colleagues, it is finally felt that only by refining the existing market and developing new markets can sales be increased. Large hospitals will develop departments that can be used in place, health centers will lay out all the following service stations in place, and newly developed customers will be trained quietly to become VIP. At the same time to develop ophthalmology, increase the sales of new products, walk on two legs, take every step seriously.

Sales is a good training in life. If you want to do a good job in sales, I personally think you must have a high comprehensive ability and learning ability. At ordinary times, we should be diligent in thinking about working methods and skills and expand our thinking. We should face the problems in our work with an optimistic and positive attitude. Work enthusiastically.

2020It has passed, and the 2021 will be here soon. The new year has new goals. As long as you are diligent, focused and optimistic, I believe the sales volume will definitely get better and better.



Xu Zihan

Sales work, both ups and downs, thank the company very much, let me get exercise in the past few years.

One of the most important is to learn careful, attentive service customers. When visiting the hospital, I will pay more attention to observation. Sometimes I find that they often look everywhere for the same thing. I will help take it there next time. This is a trivial matter for me. When I think about it, I will do it. However, the teachers in the hospital will think that I am very careful and trustworthy. At ordinary times, I will send more messages to customers when I am free. Some words cannot be expressed in words. It will be better to express them in words. Holiday greetings and a message may have unexpected results. Just like Christmas, I sent a message to all my customers. Although only 30% of them gave me a message back, I was satisfied.

In the past few years of work, I have experienced loss, regret, harvest and enrichment... For the new year, I still have dreams in my heart. If the policy allows, Les has to get better and better, and other products can be made slowly. In the new year, I hope that with the support of the leadership, we can go to the next level, not be at a loss for the current difficulties, and believe that our efforts can create a brilliant tomorrow.


Zheng Jie

Looking back on 2020, I experienced the epidemic, drug withdrawal, limit and other events, the heart is quite emotional.

In particular, the implementation of amlodipine band procurement in 2020, under the impact of the primary completion of hospitals with similar varieties of band volume, coupled with the new crown epidemic led to the national home epidemic prevention, Reed sales plummeted, and some hospitals even stopped Reed procurement first. However, I still maintain a high frequency of contact with customers, learned that they are in the front line of the epidemic, a mask to use two days, I began to trust various relationships to buy masks, masks sent to the hands of doctors, to do something to fight the epidemic. When doctors received masks, they laughed and said they were the most useful gift in life. I also participated in the volunteer service of the hospital, and went door-to-door with them to fill in the personnel information form. Through such efforts, I finally got the praise of the hospital leaders and restored Liz's prescription.

7The month coincides with the college entrance examination to fill in the volunteer form. The hospital I maintain has 12 doctors' children who need to fill in the volunteer form. Usually, I pay more attention to the details of voluntary reporting. When I provide them with accurate and reasonable suggestions, I suddenly become their voluntary reporting consultant. I used the rest time to communicate with the examinees. According to their thoughts, learning ability and personality, I constantly revised dozens of filling plans. From the choice of school and major to the ranking of school volunteers, I gave reasonable suggestions. When their children received the admission notice of their favorite school, the trust of customers in me increased to a higher level, at the same time, it also completed the conversion from business to friends, to enhance their loyalty to the company's varieties. First of all, do a good job of people and get their recognition, and they will transfer this recognition to the product, which will turn into support for my work.