The secretary of Wucheng district party Committee expressed condolences to top-notch talents and thanked peak for their contribution to Jinhua's economy.

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As the Spring Festival is approaching, Cai Yan, secretary of the Wucheng District CPC Committee of Jinhua City, visited Jianfeng on January 19 to express condolences to Jiang Xiaomeng, a top-notch talent in Jinhua City and chairman of the group company, and extended festive wishes and greetings to him. I also thank Jianfeng for his contribution to Jinhua's economic and social development.

Jiang Xiaomeng and Cai Yan exchanged views on the future construction of the ecological corridor in central Zhejiang, the expansion and extension of the Jin Yi Kechuang corridor, and the development direction of biotechnology and medical device industry. They also introduced the new products of the peak medicine sector and invited her to visit the company's production line.

At present, the domestic new coronary pneumonia epidemic has repeated, Jinhua is also strengthening prevention and control efforts, Cai Yan especially for the peak in the early 2020 epidemic, Wucheng District epidemic prevention work is the most difficult, the most severe situation in a timely manner to lend a helping hand, donated forehead temperature guns, disinfectant, masks and other epidemic prevention materials, to medical institutions to donate money and materials to express gratitude. Cai Yan fully affirmed the business performance and development trend of Jianfeng Group in recent years, and highly praised Jianfeng people's pragmatic and innovative business attitude. She said that the pro-Qing political and business relations formed by Jianfeng Group and various units of the Wucheng District Government over the years have not come easily. She hopes that the two sides will further strengthen exchanges, and the government and enterprises will work together to create a good business environment. The Spring Festival is approaching. I wish Jianfeng will develop to a higher level in the new year, "just like your name", pursuing to rise to the top and constantly climb the peak.