The chairman of the board of directors is eager to send a message to seize the day and seize the hour for development in the coming year. It is urgent to improve the ability. The future of the enterprise can be expected and it needs to redouble its efforts.

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At the 2020 annual summary and commendation meeting of the group company held on February 3, Jiang Xiaomeng, secretary of the party Committee and chairman of the group company, made a summary speech entitled "seize the day and seize the hour for development, and it is urgent to improve the ability" in view of the market situation and existing problems faced by the company in that year. he analyzed and expounded from three aspects and put forward requirements for the company's work in 2021.

The current achievements are not easy to come by, and the future risks are still in sight. Jiang Xiaomeng pointed out that the peak has made good achievements in the 13th Five Year Plan period, which is not only the result of persisting in strengthening the main business, grasping the layout and attaching importance to management, but also the achievements brought about by the joint efforts of all the peak people. However, China is currently facing a century of unprecedented changes, the world pattern has undergone great changes, the new coronary pneumonia epidemic global pandemic to accelerate the evolution of this great change, economic globalization encountered a countercurrent, economic downturn, and is entering a period of turbulent change, the economic situation is changing very fast. Under the new pattern of taking the domestic big cycle as the main body and the domestic and international double cycle, enterprises must grasp the "new rhythm" of the market and lay a good "advance quantity". Enterprises that meet the status quo and rest on their laurels will be eliminated by the market at any time. Judging from the situation of the peak itself, with the progress of the industry and the integration of enterprises, the existing advantages of the two main businesses have been overtaken or are being overtaken. What we can do is to establish a correct and realistic development direction as the premise, seize opportunities, make scientific layout, take the initiative to innovate, vigorously develop, solve problems in development through development, and enhance the core competitive advantages of enterprises through innovation.

Grasp the development of seize the day, improve the ability of the urgent. Jiang Xiaomeng believes that the next five years will be the historical intersection of the implementation of the 14th Five-Year Plan and the two 100-year goals. The economic work conferences of the Central Committee, Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Jinhua Municipal Committee have pointed out the direction for economic and social development at their respective levels. Enterprise managers must deeply understand the spirit of the relevant meetings and find out the focus of future development. All-round promotion group company's organizational competitiveness, product competitiveness, innovation competitiveness, cultural competitiveness, talent competitiveness. From the perspective of the two main businesses of the peak, the problem of cement overcapacity has existed for a long time, and the best way to solve the problem of excess is merger and reorganization and transformation and upgrading to improve industrial concentration and market competitiveness. The peak cement sector should also seize the current opportunity to step up the layout. In the pharmaceutical industry, with the in-depth implementation of policies such as medical insurance negotiations and volume procurement, the competitive pressure of production enterprises has increased sharply. Peak Pharmaceutical must seize the time to build the cost and quality advantages of the production system in an all-round way, and use the speed, quality, curative effect and exclusive advantages in the field of innovative drugs to create the comparative competitive advantage of Peak Pharmaceutical.

The future of the enterprise is promising, and we need to redouble our efforts. Jiang Xiaomeng pointed out that for the peak, only by doing familiar industries, doing good work, and making products with core competitiveness can we get better development. How to recreate advantages? The cement sector should speed up the rational layout, seize the advantages of resources, improve labor productivity through intelligent transformation, reduce costs and efficiency, reduce emissions through continuous upgrading of processes, and establish competitive advantages through the extension of the industrial chain such as aggregate production and solid hazardous waste treatment. The pharmaceutical industry should strengthen the introduction of innovative drugs and exclusive drugs to obtain incomparable product advantages. Taking advantage of the existing conditions for the integration of bulk drugs and preparations, the cost of centralized products should be minimized to ensure the competitive advantage in joint centralized procurement. Taking advantage of the tightening of environmental protection management and the tightening of approval for the production of bulk drugs, the cake of pharmaceutical intermediates and bulk drugs should be enlarged to create the second peak pharmaceutical industry.

In view of the specific work in 2021, Jiang Xiaomeng has made key requirements for the following aspects: strictly implement the company's annual work plan, layer on responsibilities, and ensure the completion of the target; Establish the concept of "everything for sales", improve the quality of operation, enhance the stickiness of customers, realize the forward movement of sales, continuously improve the level of customer service, and achieve high returns with efficient management, high-quality service and high quality products; Grasp the market demand, take the initiative to seize opportunities, accelerate the layout of the cement industry and enhance competitiveness; adhere to innovation-driven and technology-led, and seize the commanding heights of intelligent manufacturing. Cement companies must build intelligent factories with high standards. The pharmaceutical industry must increase the research and development of new drugs, accelerate the progress of research and development, and improve the level of research and development. Use innovative drugs to seize the market; deepen strategic cooperation with universities and scientific research institutes, use brains to attract wisdom to achieve mutual benefit and win-win; continue to promote green production, ensure safe and standardized growth; promote corporate culture, promote the growth of employees, and enhance employees' sense of identity and belonging to the company; strengthen the leadership of party building, establish a spirit of responsibility, cultivate the idea of employees and the company to advance and retreat together, and share honor and disgrace, and create a clean atmosphere Good atmosphere.

Jiang Xiaomeng stressed that the realization of the grand blueprint for the future of the peak requires the joint efforts of every peak person, and hopes that all cadres and staff will be able to show greater drive and courage in their future work. to create a better tomorrow for the peak and for themselves.