Jianfeng Pharmaceutical won the title of "Top Ten Enterprises with Innovation Ability" in Jinhua City

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        In2Month18At the "Four Tackling Four Striving for the First" mobilization meeting held in Jinhua City on the 15th, Peak Pharmaceutical won the honorary title of "Top Ten Innovative Enterprises in Jinhua City.

The meeting mainly summarized the results of the "nine hard battles", studied and deployed the "four tough battles and four contentions" action, and further mobilized the whole city to further improve the style of work, work hard, and strive for the first place, and promote the "14th Five-Year Plan" to make a good start and start. Step, celebrate the founding of the party with outstanding results100Anniversary. In recent years, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical has relied on scientific and technological innovation to actively build a high-end preparation manufacturing platform, layout of high-end varieties in the pharmaceutical industry, and has achieved good results in improving scientific and technological innovation capabilities, promoting the transformation of scientific research results, deepening industry-university-research cooperation, and company talent training. Achievement. Provide strong support for the sustained, healthy and rapid development of enterprises