Pharmaceutical companies propose to do a good job in the new year with the spirit of "three cows"

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On the first working day after the Spring Festival, all the staff of the storage department of Jinhua Pharmaceutical Company lined up in the warehouse shed for the first morning meeting after the start of the New Year.three cattleSpirit to do a good job in the new year.

    The first morning meeting after the festival was presided over by Wu Weisheng, general manager of the pharmaceutical company. He analyzed the current situation of the pharmaceutical distribution industry and the competition situation in the region to all employees, and asked all employees to take the interests of the enterprise as the first, cherish their posts, strengthen their work initiative, improve the degree of mutual cooperation, improve the speed of drug delivery, reduce the error rate of drug delivery, and usethree cattle(Ruzi Niu, Pioneer Niu, Old Yellow Niu) Spiritually test work attitude and work quality, survive in the fierce competition with high-quality service quality, and make its own contribution to the sustainable and stable development of the enterprise.

    The morning meeting system of the storage department has been adhered to for six years. Every day, it is presided over by the leaders in charge and the director of the storage department. The storekeepers and team leaders of each floor of the warehouse are convened to analyze, summarize and arrange the daily work of the storage department and the compliance of the company's rules and regulations. Over the past few years, the morning meeting system has greatly improved the work of the storage department, and the speed of drug distribution, the correct rate of distribution, the quality of service, including environmental sanitation, have been greatly improved.