Transformation of Sludge Drying Project in Pharmaceutical Factory

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 In order to achieve energy saving, solve the problem of high cost of sludge disposal,2At the beginning of the month, the peak pharmaceutical factory organized relevant technical personnel to carry out the transformation of the sludge drying project through research and analysis, using steam with low temperature at night to dry the sludge, thus reducing the disposal cost by reducing the water content of the sludge.

    The technical renovation project uses a steam control system that can automatically start and stop according to temperature to heat the sludge, which is safe and reliable. Because the steam in the basic steam price at night is used, no additional power cost is generated. At the same time, an induced wind cover is installed at the upper end of the filter press, which solves the problem of unsatisfactory induced wind effect in the filter press room and is more conducive to the disposal of exhaust gas. The system has been2It will be put into use at the end of the month, and based on the current sludge treatment capacity of the pharmaceutical plant, it is expected that the cost of all technical improvement projects will be recovered during the year.