Chen Long, Secretary of Jinhua Municipal Party Committee, went to the peak to investigate.

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"Spike is a well-known representative and iconic manufacturing enterprise in Jinhua. In a sense, it can be said that it is a representative of Jinhua's industrial enterprises, and the development of Spike is also a microcosm of Jinhua's industrial development."3Month31On the 15th, when Chen Long, secretary of the Jinhua Municipal Party Committee, went to the peak to conduct a special investigation, he fully affirmed the business development of the enterprise in recent years.

    On the morning of the same day, Chen long, secretary of the Jinhua Municipal CPC Committee, and Zhang Xinyu, vice mayor, together with the heads of the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau, the State-owned assets Supervision and Administration Commission and other departments, went to the headquarters of Jianfeng Group to conduct a special investigation, visited the company's exhibition hall, listened to the introduction of Chairman Jiang Xiaomeng's enterprise situation, and discussed and exchanged views with the company's management team on the current difficulties faced by the party committee and government.

    At the symposium, Jiang Xiaomeng introduced the company's situation from eight aspects including historical evolution, organizational structure, industrial layout, current operating conditions, corporate governance, technological innovation, corporate culture construction, and future development ideas. In recent years, under the guidance of the policy of "cooperative innovation to strengthen the main business, standardize science and seek development", Jianfeng has accelerated the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and technological innovation, scientific layout and orderly expansion, achieved steady development, and created good benefits, which has been unanimously praised by Chen long and other leaders.

    Jiang Xiaomeng also expressed his views and suggestions on how to realize the effective connection between intelligent manufacturing and traditional manufacturing, and how to further stimulate the enthusiasm of enterprises to invest in innovative product research and development, and exchanged views with visiting leaders of relevant departments. Vice Mayor Zhang Xinyu said in the exchange that Jianfeng is Jinhua's leading enterprise, and its development momentum and brand image are very good, and it also has strong strength. He hopes to further give full play to the advantages of listed companies in the future. to play a greater role in promoting the industrial integration of Jinhua enterprises, speeding up the cultivation of small and medium-sized enterprises, and strengthening the headquarters economy, the government will also increase support for advantageous enterprises such as Jianfeng, for the further development of enterprises to create conditions, do a good job of service.

    In his research speech, Secretary Chen long pointed out that the municipal party committee fully affirmed the efforts and contributions made by Jianfeng Group to Jinhua's economic development over the years; the municipal party committee and municipal government will certainly attach great importance to the opinions and suggestions put forward by enterprises, seriously study them, and do their best to solve them. Chen Long put forward several hopes for the future development of Jianfeng: strengthen confidence in development, take advantage of the situation, actively adapt to the new requirements of high-quality development, keep your feet on the ground, stick to industry, and contribute an important force to the sustainable development of Jinhua's economy and society; adhere to the leadership of science and technology and innovative development, give full play to the leading role of industry leaders, and take the lead in uniting upstream and downstream, industry-university-research forces to jointly promote Jinhua manufacturing from factor-driven to innovation-driven; adhere to digital empowerment and intelligent development, carry out in-depth digital and intelligent transformation of the whole chain, promote the integrated development of the new generation of information technology and existing industries, and constantly enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises; adhere to low-carbon cycle and green development, further reduce the energy consumption level per unit added value, and lead the demonstration for Jinhua green manufacturing development.

In response to Secretary Chen Long's request, Chairman Jiang Xiaomeng said that the development of Jianfeng cannot be separated from the strong support of Jinhua Party committees and governments at all levels. In recent years, while increasing external development, it is also actively looking for opportunities for further development in Jinhua. "Jianfeng is Jinhua's enterprise, and it is our obligation to contribute to Jinhua".