Pharmaceutical factory intelligent project splicing screen installation completed

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 3In the first ten days of this month, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory completed the installation of the splicing screen in the intelligent project. After debugging, the monitoring image, production equipment data information and other contents can now be displayed on the large screen.

    The production equipment and auxiliary equipment of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory are mainly semi-automated equipment and are controlled by semi-closed loop. For example, purified water preparation, injection water distribution system, rubber plug cleaning machine, sub-assembly machine, etc. cannot be fully automated, which is not convenient for managers to know the relevant situation of each production line and each equipment in real time and cannot be controlled in real time. Therefore, the peak pharmaceutical factory carried out intelligent platform transformation project.

    At present, after the installation of the splicing screen is completed, the monitoring andDCSThe system has been cast screen, the actual effect is consistent with the expected target. It is understood that after the completion of the entire intelligent transformation project, enterprise managers are not in the factory area, but can also check the production situation online through relevant systems.