Jianfeng Pharmaceutical was selected into the list of innovative leading enterprises in the province.

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Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology issued a document to announce the fourth batch of innovative leading enterprises in Zhejiang Province, including the peak pharmaceutical company.54enterprises listed.

    According to the relevant provisions of the work plan for cultivating innovative leading enterprises in Zhejiang Province, a number of backbone high-tech enterprises with strong innovation ability, great leading role, high R & D level and good development potential are selected among high-tech enterprises, which are finally determined by the Provincial Department of science and technology after voluntary declaration, recommend by science and technology management departments, formal review and third-party evaluation. It is understood that the enterprises selected for the cultivation list of innovative enterprises in the province need to have good growth and innovation ability, social responsibility, and rapid development level; they need to build a certain scale of R & D institutions, have a sound R & D management system, and have the core self-service intellectual property rights of the industry; they need to have a certain popularity within the industry and belong to the leading enterprises supported by cities and counties, it has the characteristics of industry-university-research cooperation and international scientific and technological cooperation ability, good growth, and strong ability to drive industrial innovation. After being selected into the cultivation list of innovative leading enterprises, the Provincial Department of Science and Technology will increase support in the construction of R & D platforms, major technological research and application, scientific research project arrangements, the introduction and cultivation of high-end talents, innovative talents and team building, etc., to support the superior and stronger, and lead And drive the stable and healthy development of the province's high-tech industry.