Pharmaceutical companies organize outsourcing logistics personnel to learn GSP knowledge

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3Month29On the same day, Jinhua Pharmaceutical Company organized the personnel of the outsourcing logistics company who won the bid this year.GSPManagement related training.

    The training by the pharmaceutical company quality director Jiang Xiaohua lecture, includingGSPRelevant knowledge, drug safety knowledge, drug transportation quality and requirements, service attitude and quality to customers, etc., the company attended the meeting from general manager to ordinary drivers and participated in the training seriously.

    "Pharmaceutical Business Quality Management Regulations" (GSP) is the foundation of every pharmaceutical circulation enterprise, which must run through the whole process of drug circulation. The provincial drug administration and the Municipal Drug Administration will carry out several irregular and sudden flight inspections every year. Pharmaceutical companies not only strictlyGSPmanagement to regulate the day-to-day business management activities, and every year will organize pharmaceutical practitioners to carry out two or three phasesGSPKnowledge training. This year3In January, after the bidding of pharmaceutical transportation and logistics companies of pharmaceutical companies, as pharmaceutical transportation and logistics is also an important link in the process of pharmaceutical circulation, the personnel of outsourcing logistics companies will be strengthened.GSPKnowledge is particularly important and urgent. Therefore, the pharmaceutical company organized this training with the aim of requiring all personnel of the outsourcing company to strictly complyGSPManagement standards and the rules and regulations of pharmaceutical companies, and do a good job in the entrustment of drug logistics and transportation.