I am a pharmacy salesman.

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In a flash, I changed from a clumsy internship girl to a regular employee. In the big family of spike pharmacy, I learned something I couldn't learn in school.

    The drugstore is really a place to train people. You can see many people of all kinds here, and you can encounter many unexpected things at any time, so it is also a place to train people. Although I am an ordinary drugstore salesperson, I hope I can learn knowledge at work, use my professional knowledge to explain pharmacological knowledge to customers, and use noble professional ethics to deliver health to customers.

    Although only a short three years of work career, but let me experience a variety of ups and downs. I have been inseparable from this position. Although I have experienced many temptations and inexplations, I have never really wanted to leave my position. I have been used to wearing a white coat, familiar with the rows of shelves, a section of the counter. We are happy to solve problems for our customers and benefit from exchanging experiences with our peers. These trivial things that outsiders do not know have already become an important part of my life.

    In the early morning, I hurried to meet the sunrise, cleaned up the sanitation and tidied up the shelves. My white overalls exude the fragrance of medicine and greet customers with bright smiles. Life is like a spice bowl, full of ups and downs. Acid is a good mood to expect customers to buy drugs, but customers think drugs are expensive. Sweet for a food is to eat delicious food, eating the food cooked by the aunt in the store can make me happy and sweet for a day. The bitter taste is very bad. I recommend the right medicine for the customers and hope that the customers will recover as soon as possible. However, I am regarded as a salesman who sells the goods. I can't say how bitter I am. Many people love spicy taste, and I am full of expectation for spicy taste.

    This is the life of a drugstore staff. There are not many stories of drugstore life on weekdays, just like a song, which is considered in the past and the future.