Peak Pharmaceutical Factory Accepts Environmental Protection Special Inspection

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         4Month14On the 15th, Zhao Qiuli, vice mayor of Jinhua City, led the heads of the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau and other relevant departments to the Jinxi Factory of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory to conduct a special law enforcement inspection on environmental pollution problems.

        Vice Mayor Zhao Qiuli and his party inspected the sewage treatment station, hazardous solid waste disposal warehouse,RTOIncinerators and other sites, and sampling and testing of water samples from sewage outlets. Zheng Kunwu, director of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory, introduced in detail the production scale, facilities and equipment, waste water and waste gas treatment principle, hazardous solid waste disposal and enterprise environmental protection management in Jinxi Factory, and answered the questions raised by Vice Mayor Zhao Qiuli.

       Vice Mayor Zhao Qiuli affirmed the treatment facilities of wastewater and waste gas in pharmaceutical factories and the treatment effect of wastewater and waste gas, and asked enterprises to further compact environmental protection responsibilities, adhere to the bottom line of environmental safety, and do a good job in wastewater and waste gas treatment, at the same time, continue to attach great importance to the safety control of the whole chain of hazardous waste storage, collection, transportation, disposal and utilization, constantly improve the construction of environmental management system, and take the initiative to assume social responsibility, conscientiously implement the deployment of the municipal party committee and municipal government on ecological environmental protection, fight the ecological environment defense war, and further enhance citizens' sense of acquisition and satisfaction with the ecological environment.