Sales Department of Pharmaceutical Company Summarizes Work in First Quarter

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        4Month9On the 1st, the sales agent and terminal sales of the pharmaceutical company held a first-quarter summary meeting respectively to summarize the work in the first quarter and clarify the work arrangements for the next quarter.

        The first quarter of the agency sales meeting was held through the online conference system. He Songqin, deputy manager of the sales department of the pharmaceutical company, reported on the agency sales in the first quarter and made clear the next sales work of the pharmaceutical company's new products, new medical insurance products and centralized purchasing products. At the same time, he also further emphasized the relevant management systems such as travel expense reimbursement and attendance, as well as the standardized management of the e-commerce platform.

        At the quarterly terminal sales meeting, the office managers reported on the completion of the work in the first quarter and the next work plan, and put forward the difficulties and problems in the work, and analyzed the factors affecting sales. Xu Junxiong, deputy manager of the sales department of the pharmaceutical company, summarized and analyzed the sales of various products, the development of hospitals in various offices, and the completion of goals. At the same time, he discussed the difficulties and problems raised by the office manager, and worked together to form effective and reasonable solutions. The focus of work in the second quarter was arranged.

       Huang Siliang, assistant to the general manager and manager of the sales department of the pharmaceutical company, affirmed the work of the sales department in the first quarter. He focused on the standardized management of e-commerce platforms, fleeing goods, accounts receivable, expert consensus, case sorting, competition research, customer grade management and other issues. He hoped that regional managers and office managers would do a good job in these aspects. At the same time, he asked everyone to further study the marketing plan thoroughly, do a solid job in the landing of olopatadine eye drops in the second quarter, understand the strategic significance of the development of penciclovir for injection and aceclofenac sustained-release tablets, and earnestly do a good job in the breakdown and refinement of indicators and process realization management. The sales team should be continuously optimized, and all sales personnel should continuously improve their business capabilities, be brave enough to take responsibility and grow into talents.