The company was awarded the title of "Advanced Enterprise in Talent Development" in the district. Zhao Chunquan was awarded the title of "Excellent Enterprise Science and Technology Talent" in the district"

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Recently, the People's Government of Wucheng District, Jinhua City2020Annualtalent development advanced enterprise”“outstanding enterprise scientific and technological talentsList, the group company was once again rated as an advanced enterprise in talent development, and Zhao Chunquan, an employee of Peak Health Technology Company, was rated as an outstanding enterprise scientific and technological talent.

        The selection object of advanced enterprises for talent development in Wucheng District is the district-owned enterprise units. The participating units need to pay attention to the introduction of talents, and have a relatively complete talent introduction mechanism. The number of talents introduced is large and can give full play to the role of talents, or the effect of talent introduction is obvious., And can fully transform and give full play to the intellectual achievements. The selection focuses on high-level and high-skilled talents, and sets evaluation criteria from four aspects: talent increment, talent stock, talent platform and additional indicators.2020In 2002, the group company continued to do a good job in talent increment and talent platform, and actively participated in activities such as talent recruitment and technical project docking organized by departments at all levels. To carry out industry-university-research cooperation with Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial University, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University and other universities; To obtain national invention patents7item. At present, the company has a national post-doctoral research station.1The provincial academician expert workstation and the municipal academician expert workstation each.1Provincial enterprise technology centers, (R & D) institutions2Municipal enterprise technology centers, (R & D) institutions1Provincial Enterprise Research Institute1For enterprise personnel to build a variety of talent training platform. In recent years, the company has continuously innovated its business philosophy, strengthened internal management, accelerated transformation and development, actively responded to the government's in-depth implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy, and strived to create a good environment for gathering, cultivating, and using talents, and cultivated a group of outstanding scientific and technological talents. Was rated as Wucheng District for many yearstalent development advanced enterprise.

         Zhao Chunquan is responsible for the production management of peak health care products, Chinese medicine decoction pieces and plant extracts, the pilot production of new products, the optimization and innovation of old products, as well as the daily management of peak health, safety and environmental protection. He has solid pharmaceutical production site management,GMPExperience in system establishment and product production process optimization.2020In, he led the workshop to increase cross-extraction pipelines through technological transformation of equipment, which improved the yield of products, reduced the use of extraction solvents and saved production costs. Through process optimization, the yield of Rhodiola extract products was increased year on year by adding a sub-step process before extraction and adopting a cross-extraction process in the extraction process.10%Above, alcohol loss is reduced.30%Reduce costs for product production and increase market competitiveness.

    Prior to this, peak health employees Lu Guosheng, Yang Hao and Chen Anping, and peak cable employee Lu Chaofang also won the honor of outstanding enterprise scientific and technological talents in Wucheng District.