Jianfeng Pharmaceutical was named "water-saving enterprise" in Zhejiang Province"

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A few days ago, Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Information Commission, Construction Department, Water Resources Department, Water Saving Office jointly announced2020Annual list of water-saving enterprises in Zhejiang Province, peak pharmaceutical companies on the list.

    The establishment of water-saving enterprises is an important part of the establishment of water-saving society and an important measure for the intensive development of enterprises. Jianfeng Pharmaceutical has always attached great importance to water-saving work, specially set up a leading group for the establishment of water-saving enterprises, set up full-time water administrators, clearly divided labor, and formed a three-level water-saving management network of companies, departments and workshops. Check and calculate one by one to further improve the water consumption measurement system; Actively carry out water-saving theme publicity, special training, lectures, etc. to improve employees' water-saving awareness; establish and improve water-saving management mechanism and reward and punishment mechanism, ensure the synchronization of operation and management and the creation of water-saving enterprises.

    In the process of establishing a water-saving enterprise, the production technology department and the manufacturing department of the pharmaceutical company actively took measures to carry out a number of transformations of drinking water recycling and reuse, deeply tap the water-saving potential, and through regular data collection and comparative analysis, timely Discovering the problems in the water use process has strengthened the water use management. In the next step, the manufacturing department will take the opportunity of adding the initial rainwater collection pool to carry out synchronous transformation and strive to realize the reuse of rainwater.

    This year5In January, Spike Pharmaceuticals was also awarded the "Jinhua Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau"2020Annual urban water-saving work advanced unit "title, Wu Yanfen was named annual water-saving work advanced individuals.