Spike can independently identify vocational skill level!

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A few days ago, after the examination and approval of Jinhua Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and reported to the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security for examination and record, Zhejiang Jianfeng Group Co., Ltd. was approved to independently identify the level of vocational skills.

    High-skilled talents are an important part of the enterprise talent team, and they are the backbone to promote technological innovation and promote the transformation of modern scientific and technological achievements into real productivity. Therefore, Jianfeng Group attaches great importance to strengthening the construction of senior technicians, technicians, senior technicians and other talent teams and the training of skilled talents. In recent years, the entire group company has carried out various forms of skills training based on the improvement of employees' job skills.8000Many times of job skills training have improved the professional skills and professional abilities of employees. Under the background of digital and intelligent production, effectively stimulating front-line employees to learn skills and drill business, and cultivating and building a highly skilled workforce is one of the important means to promote the high-quality development of enterprises. At the beginning of the year, the human resources department of the group began to prepare to rely on the national vocational skill identification standards, and formulated the national vocational skill level independent identification scheme of Jianfeng group for the group's two main businesses of cement and pharmaceutical industry. after the comprehensive evaluation of the municipal human resources and social security bureau and Jinhua vocational skill management service center, the group company was agreed to become the independent identification unit of vocational skill level.

    The success of the application for the independent identification of the vocational skill level of the group company marks the company's skilled talent evaluation work, which has realized the transformation from government-led to the autonomy of employers, combining evaluation with training, use and incentives, and expanding the growth channel of skilled talents. It has laid a good foundation for promoting skill upgrading actions and building knowledge-based, skilled and innovative industrial workers.

    The positions independently identified by the group company's professional skill level are mainly in the two main businesses of cement and pharmaceutical industry, specifically cement production workers (including cement central controller, cement quality inspector, cement clinker calciner, cement manufacturer, cement production inspection worker, etc.) and pharmaceutical preparation workers. The group is about to carry out the independent identification of vocational skill levels for these two categories of work.