A little experience of marketing training

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After a month's time, the peak pharmacy launchedI am a sales champion.The marketing campaign ended successfully. I have been a salesperson in Jianfeng Pharmacy for more than ten years, but the three special trainings launched in this event have greatly touched me and made our ordinary employees feel the responsibility and invisible pressure of the management team.

    This activity also made me feel the strength of the team30In many days, my Donglai Road store was completed.317Box activity products, and before our store can only sell every month30In the face of this tenfold increase in performance, we all lament that we have accomplished what we usually think is impossible.

    We receive countless customers every day, but I still remember the scene of using the sales skills trained by this teacher to recommend the symptomatic medication: a middle-aged woman came into the store and indicated that she wanted to buy watermelon frost lozens. through inquiry, she learned that she ate a lot of spicy lobster the night before and had a sore throat. I asked my elder sister to open her mouth and looked at her throat with a small flashlight. I found that the sore throat was caused by excessive internal heat. I instructed her to use watermelon frost buccal tablets in combination with Erding granules. In this way, watermelon frost buccal tablets can immediately relieve the symptoms of sore throat. Erding granules have the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification. They are natural anti-inflammatory drugs, which can fundamentally solve sore throat and are proprietary Chinese medicine with little side effects. Elder sister accepted my recommend and praised my major. We share cases similar to the application of such training skills every day. Through mutual exchange of sales experience, sharing of sales cases, we set a small goal every day, and we insist on achieving the goal.

    In this activity, my feeling is that methods and skills are important, diligent and down-to-earth attitude is necessary, and courage and courage are indispensable. In order to achieve sales, we must fully grasp the knowledge points of the product, take the right medicine, maintain a warm attitude, smile warmly, treat every customer like a family member, and give customers a sense of security and trust. As long as you work hard, you will not do anything bad.