Party Committee of Pharmaceutical Company Studies Party History

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 5Month26On the same day, the party committee of the peak pharmaceutical company organized party history study and education, deputy general manager of the group company, secretary of the party committee of the pharmaceutical company, general manager Huang Jinlong.The Six Most Historically Meanings of Self-revolution in the Hundred Years of Party HistoryTo preach on the topic.

    Golden Dragon revolves around the August 7th Conference, Zunyi Conference, Yan'an Rectification Movement,Two must.The rectification movement, the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee, and the new journey of comprehensive and strict governance of the party. Six major historical events of milestone significance were launched, and the six self-revolutions were of great practical significance and far-reaching significance to the development of New China. Historical influence. He elaborated on the historical process of the six self-revolutions in terms of the fact that iron must be self-imposed as an endogenous characteristic of a Marxist party and that the inward-edged self-revolution is always on the road. Huang Jinlong said that the 100-year history of the Communist Party of China is a history of unremitting struggle, ideological exploration, and self-construction. He asked all subordinate party branches to earnestly study party history books such as "On the History of the Communist Party of China" and "A Brief History of the Communist Party of China". Actively participateLearning Party History, Party LessonsandLearning Party History and Celebrating One Hundred YearsThe theme essay-writing activity creates a strong atmosphere in which everyone talks about party history and everyone studies party history.

    At the meeting, Huang Jinlong also analyzed the contradictions and solutions encountered in the current pharmaceutical company's production and operation, project construction, new drug research and development, and product sales, and called on all party membersLearn the history of the party, realize the thought, do practical things and open a new bureau., face difficulties, forge ahead, and faithfully practiceEight-eight strategyIn order to realize the goal of the peak century and the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, we will make unremitting efforts.

    The members and above of each branch of the Party committee of the pharmaceutical company participated in the study.