Peak Pharmaceutical Becomes National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise

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Only one year after it was identified as a national intellectual property advantage enterprise in 2016, "Zhejiang Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd." appeared in the 2017 national intellectual property demonstration enterprise list recently announced by the State Intellectual Property Office. As a result, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical has become the first and only national intellectual property demonstration enterprise in Jinhua City.

On December 12, the State Intellectual Property Office issued a notice to announce the list of national intellectual property demonstration enterprises and advantageous enterprises in 2017. After the enterprise declaration, the recommend of the provincial and municipal bureaus, the review of the national bureau, and the public announcement, 182 national intellectual property demonstration enterprises and 816 national intellectual property advantage enterprises have been identified. Including Jianfeng Pharmaceutical, Zhejiang Province has been identified as only 15 national intellectual property demonstration enterprises.

With the continuous development of enterprises in recent years, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical has set up a special working organization to cultivate and improve the intellectual property ability from the aspects of strategic management, creation, operation and protection of intellectual property rights. It has successively compiled and implemented 27 procedural documents and 36 forms such as "Intellectual Property Management Manual", "Intellectual Property Reward and Punishment System" and "Trade Secret Management System, and timely according to the policy, the current situation of the enterprise to revise, in order to ensure the compliance and effectiveness of the operation of the system. In 2012 and 2013, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical was successively rated as a patent demonstration enterprise in Jinhua City and Zhejiang Province; in 2013, it won the third prize of Jinhua Patent Implementation Award; in 2016, it passed the certification of intellectual property management system and was identified as a national intellectual property advantage enterprise. At present, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical has 140 domestic and foreign applications for various inventions, utility models, and trademark intellectual property rights, and 127 registered authorizations, including 1 well-known trademark in China, 2 well-known trademarks in Zhejiang Province, and 5 well-known trademarks in Jinhua City; Active attempts are also being made in the operation of intellectual property rights, improving innovation efficiency, and promoting the property rights and industrialization of innovative achievements.

Under normal circumstances, the construction of a national intellectual property advantage enterprise expires for three years, and only after the assessment reaches the standard can it be upgraded to a demonstration enterprise. However, it took only one year for Jianfeng Pharmaceutical to complete the leap from an "advantage enterprise" to a "demonstration enterprise. This indicates that the level of intellectual property creation, management, application and protection of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical has entered a higher level. It is understood that Jianfeng Pharmaceutical has achieved excellent results in the annual assessment of national intellectual property advantage enterprises, which is an important reason for this "jump. Through the implementation of the national standard of "enterprise intellectual property management standard" and the cultivation of advantageous enterprises and demonstration enterprises, Jianfeng pharmaceutical has realized the advanced development of "improving the foundation of intellectual property management, cultivating intellectual property advantages and forming comprehensive competitive advantages". It can not only protect itself, but also avoid infringing on the rights and interests of other enterprises, It provides strong support for the economic transformation and upgrading of enterprises, improving quality and efficiency. In addition, this time it has been identified as a national intellectual property demonstration enterprise, and Jianfeng Pharmaceutical will also receive a 300000 yuan award from Jinhua City.

According to the requirements of the documents of the State Intellectual Property Office, the construction period of the national intellectual property demonstration enterprise in 2017 will be from December 2017 to November 2020. During this period, local intellectual property management departments should, in accordance with relevant requirements and combined with actual work, explore the establishment of a distinctive enterprise cultivation policy system, further improve the overall plan for the cultivation of demonstration enterprises and advantageous enterprises in the region, and clarify the phased tasks of cultivation. Increase investment, guarantee special funds, gather expert resources and support measures, and strengthen targeted guidance, service, supervision and inspection of enterprise intellectual property work. As a demonstration enterprise, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical will also further formulate a work plan for the construction of demonstration enterprises, establish and improve work leadership and overall coordination mechanisms, further strengthen the management and implementation of intellectual property strategies, increase guarantees, and ensure that the construction of demonstration enterprises achieves practical results and realizes knowledge The development goal of a strong enterprise with property rights.