Spike Big Pharmacy for CPR Training

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 6Month16On the afternoon of the 15th, Jinhua City Peak Pharmacy Chain Company held the first phase.Lecture+Practical operationTraining in the form of first aid knowledge and skills.

    This training invited Fang Zhimei, a teacher from Jinhua Vocational and Technical College, to give a lecture. Teacher Fang introduced in detail the five common scenes of weekend outings, burns, drowning, snake bites, and car accidents in daily life, and how to deal with various accidents, how to bandage, and what situations should be done for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. A detailed explanation was given, and an operation demonstration was also conducted on the spot.

    All the participants listened carefully, and many staff stayed after class to continue to ask questions, and under the guidance of the teacher, the actual operation of cardiopulmonary resuscitation was carried out on the spot.

    This cardiopulmonary resuscitation training made the majority of employees pay more attention to safety, pay attention to emergency care, and improve the ability of self-rescue and mutual rescue in emergency situations.