Pharmaceutical companies organize learning of the new "safety production law"

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News from our newspaper 6Month30On the 15th, the pharmaceutical company organized a study of the new "safe production law", and Shen Quan, deputy general manager of the pharmaceutical company, gave a lecture.

    The the People's Republic of China Law on Work Safety was adopted at the meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress.6Month10Day passed, since2021Year9Month1implemented from the day. The study of "Safety Production Law" is also one of the main contents of this year's safety month activities of pharmaceutical companies.

    At the meeting, Shen Quan reviewed the development history and practical significance of the Work Safety Law, and combined with the new Work Safety Law on the basis of current regulations, he focused on learning that work safety should be people-oriented, adhere to the people first, and protect the people. Life safety is the first priority, preventing and resolving major safety risks from the source; strengthen the work of production safety and implement the concept that the industry must manage safety, the business must manage safety, and the production and operation must manage safety. He also made a comparison table of the provisions before and after the amendment of the Safety Production Law.PPTThe document focuses on the detailed explanation from the aspects of organization and responsibility, safety production input, system and regulations, training and education, etc., and discusses the understanding of safety management work, such as the supervision characteristics of dangerous and high-risk enterprises in mines, the responsibilities of safety departments, the post work of safety officers, the extraction and investment of safety production funds, etc, it is emphasized that safety work should focus on the coordination of safety and production relations, the safety risks that may be involved in the process, and the impact or demand of related work on safety production.

    The pharmaceutical company attended the meeting on the spot by the safety management personnel of the gold enterprise, and the two chemical enterprises of Anhui New North Card and New Peak North Card participated through video network.