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To celebrate the founding of the Communist Party of China100The anniversary, solidly promote the study and education of party history, review the party's struggle, eulogize the party's glorious image,7Month3On the morning of the 2nd, Tangxi Town held aRed songs recall the first heart, sing a new journeyCelebrating the Founding of the Communist Party of China100In the annual singing competition, the peak pharmaceutical team participated in the competition and won the third prize.

    The contestants of this competition come from Tangxi town organs, administrative villages, enterprises and institutions, etc. The program is mainly in the form of chorus, solo and recitation.18The selected tracks are all closely linked.Praise the party, praise the motherlandThis theme. The chorus song of the Jianfeng pharmaceutical team is "under the bright sunshine". The participants are full of energy. With simple emotion, beautiful melody and moving song, they enthusiastically eulogize the glorious achievements of the party and express their deep feelings for the party and the motherland.