China's First Expert Consensus on Clinical Drug Treatment of Osteoarthritis Releases Key Products of Peak Pharmaceutical Yueyining Selected

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7Month10On the 15th, the Sports Medical Branch of the Chinese Medical Association and other units jointly released the "Expert Consensus on Clinical Drug Treatment of Osteoarthritis" in Hangzhou. This is the first time that the Chinese medical community has released an expert consensus on osteoarthritis. Peak Pharmaceuticals' key product, Yueyining (aceclofenac sustained-release tablets), was included in the consensus list of therapeutic drugs.

    The "Expert Consensus on Clinical Drug Treatment of Osteoarthritis" was initiated by Chen Shiyi, the winner of the "Chinese Medicine Award", the director of the Sports Medicine Center of Fudan University, and the director of the Orthopedic Arthroscopic Diagnosis and Treatment Technology Training Base of the Ministry of Health (Shanghai), the Sports Medical Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, the Chinese Medical Doctor Association The Sports Medicine Group of the Orthopedic Physician Branch, and the Arthroscopic Society of the Chinese Medical Association30More relevant experts jointly prepared, lasted nearly1Year time to complete the preparation, the consensus is divided6Part, full text near2Ten thousand words. Experts participating in the discussion are distributed throughout the country.16provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions)27A large tertiary hospital, involving orthopedics, sports medicine, pain, pharmacy, evidence-based medicine and other disciplines, in line with rigorous, standardized, objective, practical, economic formulation principles, adhere to the guidance of evidence-based medicine, and fully combined with the clinical practice of osteoarthritis in China, give20More than the best clinical medication program.

    The key product of Peak Pharmaceuticals, Yue Yining (Aceclofenac Sustained Release Tablets), has been recognized by experts and included in the consensus by virtue of its unique advantages. In the consensus, it is clearly pointed out that patients with osteoarthritis should choose the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug aceclofenac, which can promote the synthesis of cartilage matrix proteoglycan, and the slow-release dosage form can be preferred, which can better control the blood concentration and improve the compliance of patients with drugs.

    According to reports, osteoarthritis is easy to occur in the elderly population, the incidence rate is high,65People over the age of knee pain have more50%for patients with osteoarthritis,75Prevalence of osteoarthritis in people with knee pain over the age80%. With the country's centralized procurement and disease diagnosis-related subgroups(DRG)With the promotion of payment, the price of artificial joints has dropped significantly, and doctors and the business community are faced with the choice of surgery and medication, so the launch of this consensus is at the right time. According to the national standardization requirements for disease treatment, both conservative treatment and drug treatment need corresponding guiding principles, which are based on guidelines and expert consensus. On the basis of being included in the expert consensus this time, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical will make every effort to carry out the promotion of the "Expert Consensus on Clinical Drug Treatment of Osteoarthritis" to further guide the safe, effective, economical and standardized use of osteoarthritis treatment drugs in clinical practice. Highlight the clinical advantages of Yueyining and better expand the market of this product.