Spike Pharmaceuticals Attends Dermatology Annual Meeting

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7Month9day,16Zhejiang Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine2021The annual academic meeting of the dermatology branch and the cutting-edge study class of traditional Chinese medicine and integrated Chinese and western medicine diagnosis and treatment technology in dermatology, the second annual meeting of the Jin Taili dermatology academic alliance and the annual meeting of Taizhou dermatology academic were held in Hangzhou and Taizhou respectively. Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. took part in the exhibition with Heng Aopukang (Penciclovir for Injection) and set up booths on the spot to promote products.

    Hengao Pukang is the world's first listed product developed by Spike Pharmaceuticals.2007Year8In January, we obtained the new drug certificate and production approval and obtained the invention patent of the product. The product has significant antiviral advantages and is the preferred drug for the treatment of viral infections such as herpes zoster, which can effectively reduce the incidence of postherpetic neuralgia. During the exhibition, the terminal sales staff of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical's sales department and the marketing department staff cooperated with each other to fully publicize the product advantages, establish good communication with many experts, collect market feedback and sort out replies.

    Participating in these two dermatology annual meetings not only increased the influence of Hengao Pukang in the field of dermatology, but also collected the clinical cases of this product in the first line, which is more conducive to the extension of the academic promotion of the later product.