Shizhen Pavilion Store People's Livelihood Pharmacy Service Station Put into Operation

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6Month21On the 15th, Jianfeng Pharmacy and Wucheng District Market Supervision Bureau signed an agreement on the construction of Minsheng Pharmacy Service Station. Shizhen Pavilion Pharmacy Minsheng Pharmacy Service Station was inaugurated and officially became Jinhua City.8One of the pharmacies with Minsheng Pharmaceutical Service Station provides convenient and efficient medication guidance, processing of Chinese herbal pieces, personal drug use files and other public welfare services for the common people at home.

    The construction of people's livelihood pharmaceutical service station is a key part of Zhejiang Province.2021Year establishedTen livelihood factsOne is to select a number of chain stores with standardized quality management, good credit rating, and high sense of social responsibility and law-abiding operation from the existing retail pharmacies, and set up livelihood pharmaceutical service stations in their business premises, so that the people can enjoy a full range of pharmaceutical services at home. People's livelihood pharmaceutical service station is divided into three-star, four-star, five-star3The three-star standard is the basic standard, and all people's livelihood pharmaceutical service stations should meet the relevant conditions, while the five-star service stations should have65More than square meters of specialized service area, including medication guidance, customer medication follow-up, Chinese medicine powder, personal use of medical equipment calibration agent, including.17More than one pharmaceutical service.

    Shizhen Pavilion Store is in2014After being selected as a designated pharmacy for chronic diseases in, in order to better serve patients with chronic diseases, a chronic disease health care center has been set up in cooperation with manufacturers. For many years, it has been providing chronic disease health services such as blood sugar and blood pressure measurement for the common people, forming a good reputation. Now, in response to the government's call on the original basis, it has been upgraded to a people's livelihood pharmaceutical service station with higher service standards. The highest five-star standard was selected for self-declaration, in addition to the required17As for the necessary service items, the Minsheng Pharmaceutical Service Station of Shizhen Pavilion Store also has chronic disease files, drug search for customers, drug delivery, etc.6project. From2021Year1Month1Since the completion of the construction, it has been received.9000Many customers in need of help.

    Chen Jing, manager of Shizhen Pavilion, said that the competition in the pharmaceutical retail industry is fierce. The state has strengthened the supervision of the pharmaceutical industry. Policies such as centralized procurement have generally reduced drug prices. Community and township health centers have diverted customers, which has brought great business pressure to retail pharmacies. Only by continuously improving the quality of service and making the service more detailed to increase the stickiness of customers to us can we remain invincible in the competition. For this reason, we take the opportunity of building a people's livelihood pharmaceutical service station to reorganize the service items and improve the service quality under the supervision of the government. At the same time, the popularity of the store can also be improved, which can help more citizens.