Jiang Xiaomeng: Resonance with Urban Development

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Jinhua Daily reporter  Ji Junlei

Editor's note: In order to celebrate the centenary of the founding of the party, the Organization Department of the Jinhua Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Jinhua Daily, and Jinhua Radio and Television Headquarters jointly planned and launched the "Hundred Years and Hundred Years" Looking back at the beginning of the heart "special report, in the form of one person, one short article and one micro-video, selected 100 party members of all fields and ages in the city, linking the touching moments that have taken place in the land of Bawu in the past 100 years since the founding of the party. "Jiang Xiaomeng: resonance with urban development" is the fourth article in the series of "spring tide surging, eight Wu first". In an interview with reporters, Jiang Xiaomeng, chairman of the group company, worked at the peak.40Years of growth experience, talk about personal development and enterprise symbiosis and co-prosperity, peak development and Jinhua economic resonance.


    Based on the development of Jinhua, after the planned economy and the "Cultural Revolution" period, there are not many enterprises that have gradually entered the market economy and realized modern development. Jianfeng Group is one of the models. As a family63Under the leadership of Jiang Xiaomeng, Jianfeng Group is still full of vigor and vitality. "At the spike40In 2003, from an ordinary front-line worker to the second generation at the helm of the group, I witnessed its hard struggle, determined reform, independent innovation and scientific development." Jiang Xiaomeng, chairman of Zhejiang Jianfeng Group Co., Ltd., said frankly that his personal development and enterprise symbiosis and co-prosperity.


    1980Year12In January, Jiang Xiaomeng, who had just graduated from Senior high school, entered the then Jinhua County Cement Factory (the predecessor of Jianfeng Group) to work. At that time, the Jinhua County Cement Factory was still in possession.500Multi-employees, annual cement production is only10Ten thousand tons of general kiln production line stage. With the spring breeze of reform blowing all over China, the reform of China's state-owned enterprises has gradually started, and the external environment of peak development has undergone profound changes. Du Zihong, then director of the Peak Cement Plant, was keenly aware that the shortage of enterprise factors could be solved through institutional innovation, and the problem of resource constraints of the Peak Group could be solved through horizontal alliances with enterprises of different ownership.

    "Last century80In the mid-1980s, through horizontal alliances, Jianfeng Group increased cement production capacity.30Ten thousand tons, equivalent to reengineering3Jinhua cement plant."1987Year5Month15On the same day, Jinhua Cement Plant united a number of enterprises and units to form the Peak Cement Group. In Jiang Xiaomeng's view, this is the first step for the peak to adapt to the transformation and upgrading of the internal and external environment, and it is in the forefront of the national cement industry.

    Soon, Peak Cement became famous in the market inside and outside the province.1987Year6In January, Jiang Xiaomeng was selected by the Poverty Alleviation Leading Group of the State Council to go to Dafang, Qianxi and other counties in Guizhou Province for technical poverty alleviation to help local cement plants improve product quality and production efficiency.1993Year7Month28On the same day, Jianfeng Group was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, becoming the first listed company in the national cement industry and the second listed company in Zhejiang Province, realizing the leapfrog development of Jianfeng Group. After that, Jianfeng Group entered the exploratory stage of diversified development, involving cement, medicine, transportation, electronics, cable and other fields.

    2004Jiang Xiaomeng served as the general manager of Jianfeng Group in,2007In 2002, he served as secretary of the party committee and chairman of Jianfeng Group Company. He conducted in-depth research and analysis on the economic situation and the development trend of the peak industry, and put forward the business policy of "cooperative innovation to strengthen the main business, standardize science and seek development", leading the enterprise to transform from diversified development to relatively diversified and innovative development. Prior to this, he successively served as the general manager of Jianfeng Communication Cable Company and the general manager of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical, and has accumulated rich management experience in long-term practice. He has his own ideas about how to steer the big ship of the tip group.


    In that year, Jiang Xiaomeng led Jianfeng Group and China Building Materials to integrate the cement sector business. Jianfeng Group, as one of the sponsor shareholders, participated in the establishment of Southern Cement Co., Ltd. and integrated some cement enterprises in the southeast economic zone through mergers and acquisitions and joint reorganization. Zhejiang Jianfeng Cement Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Jianfeng Group, and Southern Cement Co., Ltd. jointly funded the establishment of Jinhua Southern Jianfeng Cement Co., Ltd. At the same time, Jianfeng Group's cement business, in line with the role of market niche, has successively laid out cement enterprises in Hubei, Yunnan, Guizhou and other regions with resources and markets, gradually establishing a leading position in China's cement industry. Jinhua's "peak cement" has become the golden business card of the whole province and even the whole country.

    More importantly, Jianfeng Group and Jinhua City Development are in the same frequency resonance. "It is no exaggeration to say that in the process of Jinhua's reform and opening up, Jianfeng Group has a leading role and provides a reference model for the development of many local enterprises." Jiang Xiaomeng said that Jianfeng Group has also actively contributed to the construction of Jinhua's urban infrastructure. The cement of Bayi Road, Shuanglong Street, Gymnasium, Jinwu Bridge, Shuanglong Bridge, and the municipal government were all from the city. Peak.

    Another business that Jianfeng Group has to mention is medicine. "Cement and medicine are two major industries that complement cyclical and non-cyclical, and they are also two carriages that drive the development of Jianfeng Group." While Jianfeng Group crossed the border from cement to medicine, Jiang Xiaomeng was also constantly learning medical knowledge. With this momentum, he obtained the qualification certificate of licensed pharmacist by himself, and was awarded the professor level senior engineer of pharmaceutical engineering, and became an expert in the field of medicine. At the same time, Jiang Xiaomeng also began to set up the management, R & D and sales team of the pharmaceutical industry, laying a solid foundation for the long-term and stable development of the enterprise. While doing a good job in business management, Jiang Xiaomeng has been working hard and has published new drug research and development and management papers in various journals at home and abroad for many years.30The rest.

    Under the leadership of Jiang Xiaomeng, Jianfeng Group has established a good long-term cooperative relationship with well-known universities and scientific research institutions such as China Pharmaceutical University and Shanghai Medical Institute, forming a trinity of provincial pharmaceutical research institutes, academician expert workstations, and post-doctoral workstations. Pharmaceutical research and development system.2003In, "Jinhua's first1.1The original new drug-gatifloxacin and its preparations were developed by our peak, and also won the first prize of Zhejiang Province Science and Technology Progress Award, and the research and development team won the honorary title of "Zhejiang Province Model Collective. At present, the company has obtained in the field of medicine.52Patent authorization, including invention patents.43item." When he said this, Jiang Xiaomeng's face was full of pride. Walking on the streets of Jinhua, the peak pharmacy can be seen everywhere, which is the best proof that the enterprise develops products and serves the public.

    In recent years, Jianfeng Group has benefited from Jiang Xiaomeng's sober understanding and clear strategy. Based on cement and medicine, Jianfeng Group has continuously created the best performance in history. At present, the company's total assets have doubled compared with those before listing.48double, net worth doubled43times, in2019Won the Shanghai Listed Companies "Gold Quality" Continuous Growth Award. While the enterprise has achieved good benefits, he has also been recognized by the society. He has successively won the special allowance of the State Council, the "second excellent builders of socialism with Chinese characteristics in Zhejiang Province", the young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions in Zhejiang Province, and the first "outstanding builders of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era of non-public economic personages in Zhejiang Province.


    2021The year is the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan". In the "Two Sessions" this year, carbon peaks, carbon neutrality, digital transformation, and green development were highlighted. Standing in a new historical window, Jiang Xiaomeng has a preliminary idea for the future development of the peak. In the future, Jianfeng Group will use its advantages in brand, technology, management, and capital to achieve layout optimization, control resources, occupy the market, and become bigger and stronger. At the same time, in the pharmaceutical sector, we will increase the development of new products with high added value, form a product line of antibiotics, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drugs, safe drugs for infants and young children, antineoplastic drugs and health products, and occupy the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry.

    Jiang Xiaomeng said that both cement and medicine are closely related to the social economy and people's livelihood. Jianfeng Group's extreme pursuit of the two major industries is not only the need of enterprise development, but also the responsibility of giving full play to the value of the enterprise and benefiting one party.