The Party Branch of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Sales Department Launches Theme Party Day Activities

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In order to strengthen the study and education of party history for all party members, inherit the red spirit, and build a solid mission at the beginning of the century,7Month24On the morning of the 15th, the party branch of the sales department of peak pharmaceutical organized all party members to go to Jinhua martyrs memorial park to carry out thematic party day activities.

    Under the leadership of the commentator of the Jinhua Martyrs Memorial Park, all party members visited the Martyrs Monument, the Martyrs Wall, the Martyrs Memorial Hall, the Badwu Heroes Sculpture Group and the Five-Star Memorial Square, and historical scenes reappeared in front of them. Precious photos and realistic scenes, from precious revolutionary cultural relics to touching historical pictures, and then to shocking revolutionary stories, let party members once again feel the arduous struggle of the martyrs and cherish the memory of the revolutionary martyrs. The great spirit also allows party members to have a deeper understanding and understanding of the advanced nature of the country, and the soul is further purified. The vivid deeds of the martyrs during the war infected all party members, and their awe-inspiring spirit made every party member sigh with emotion and deeply feel that a happy life in peacetime is not easy to come.

    Through this activity, all Party members reviewed the extraordinary years of the Communist Party of China, learned the moving deeds of the martyrs and the party's struggle history, and strengthened their eternal original intention as a Communist Party member. Studying the history of the party and paying tribute to the heroes and martyrs has further strengthened the responsibility of party members, played the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, strengthened the study of professional knowledge, improved professional capabilities, and worked hard for the more brilliant future of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical.