Vice Mayor Zhang Xinyu Visits Jianfeng Pharmaceutical

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 8Month11On the 15th, Zhang Xinyu, vice mayor of Jinhua City, and the main responsible persons of the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau, the Market Supervision Bureau, the Economic and Technological Development Zone and other units visited Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Department to investigate the construction of Jinxi Health Industrial Park and the development of the pharmaceutical industry.

    Huang Jinlong, deputy general manager of the group company and general manager of the pharmaceutical company, introduced to Zhang Xinyu and his entourage the development history, corporate culture, project investment, industrial layout, product structure, etc. of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical, and accompanied him to visit the central laboratory and other work sites.

    In the subsequent discussion and exchange, Yu Jianhong, general manager of the group company, and Zhang Xinyu and his party exchanged views on the operating cost, environmental protection investment, innovation motivation and atmosphere, as well as the current difficult problems. Zhang Xinyu said in the exchange that the Jinxi Health Biological Industry Platform is one of the six high-level platforms built by Jinhua City. It is the new engine of Jinhua's industrial economy. With the continuous and strong promotion of the Economic and Technological Development Zone for many years, the biomedical industry has maintained With a good development trend, the construction of a health bio-industrial park has begun to take shape and initial results have been achieved. Jianfeng Pharmaceutical is the backbone and important part of Jinxi Health Biological Industrial Park. In recent years, it has also made remarkable achievements and made a good demonstration for Jinhua pharmaceutical and health industry. He hopes that the Economic and Technological Development Zone can further optimize industrial policies, strengthen the linkage between government and enterprises, improve industry services for enterprise development, and jointly build the Jinxi Health Biological Industry Platform into a bridgehead for high-quality development in central and western Zhejiang.