Pharmaceutical companies organize learning of the new "safety production law"

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 8Month26On the morning of the 8th, the pharmaceutical company organized department managers, deputy managers and supervisors to study the new "production safety law.

    2021Version of the Safety Production Law2021Year9Month1From the date of implementation, a total119article, contrast2014version corrected57Article. The new version of the "Safety Production Law" puts forward for the first time that safety production work should adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party of China, should be people-oriented, adhere to the people first, life first, put the protection of people's lives and safety in the first place, and prevent and resolve major safety risks from the source. new ideas. Combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, the pharmaceutical company focuses on the implementation of safe production work.The industry must be in charge of safety, the business must be in charge of safety, the production and operation must be in charge of safety.; Establish and improve the full safety production responsibility system and safety production rules and regulations, strengthen safety production standardization and information construction, and build a dual prevention mechanism for safety risk classification control and hidden danger investigation and management; high-risk industries are insured with safety production liability insurance and other provisions. At the study meeting, the amendments to the seven responsibilities of the main responsible person and safety management personnel in production safety management were also interpreted one by one.

    At the meeting, Huang Jinlong, deputy general manager of the group company and general manager of the pharmaceutical company, asked all subordinate enterprises to seriously study the new safety law, know the law, understand the law, and act in accordance with the law; improve the safety production responsibility system, vertically to the end, horizontally to the side, Layer the responsibility; establish and improve the dual prevention mechanism, strengthen risk identification and hidden danger investigation, and increase the assessment of hidden danger rectification; increase the investment in human, ensure that professional management personnel are in place, funds are in place, equipment implementation and protective equipment are in place; strengthen education and training, improve the operability of emergency plans and organize emergency drills; comprehensively implement the construction of safety production standardization, further improve various rules and regulations, and strictly implement them.

    After the meeting, subordinate units and departments such as the pharmaceutical company, the new peak North Carolina, and the production department of the pharmaceutical company also organized their employees to study the contents of the new "Safety Production Law.