The 7-province alliance will collect 58 kinds of Chinese patent medicines, including flowers and clear plague.

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On September 14, the Guangdong Pharmaceutical Trading Center issued a notice on soliciting opinions on the "Guangdong Union Qingkailing and other 58 pharmaceutical groups with volume procurement documents (draft for comments).Guangdong, Shanxi, Henan, Hainan, Ningxia, Qinghai, XinjiangA seven-province alliance will be formed for the large amount of basic medical insurance drugs in the catalogue and the high amount of purchases.58 common namesUnder the different dosage forms and specifications of drugs for collection, including the hot drug even flower clear plague. Another part of the variety and the previous period of circulation of Hubei Chinese medicine collection of the same. (See: Chinese patent medicine with quantity purchase group soon, 17 groups of product list announced)

Participating in the procurement subject: the participating procurement subject is all public medical institutions in the alliance area (including military medical institutions, the same below), medical insurance designated social medical institutions and designated pharmacies can participate voluntarily.

Drugs in the purchase order, according to the following principlesMerge Group:

(1) The merger rules of various dosage forms of drugs within the same generic name (dosage forms of medical insurance drug list, the same below): tablets, dispersible tablets, enteric-coated tablets and capsules, granules and mixtures (oral liquid), soft capsules (soft capsules) and dripping pills, injections (including ordinary powder injections, freeze-dried powders, solvent crystals, large-capacity injections and small-capacity injections); If there is an exclusive combination, it is incorporated into a similar dosage group with a differential price relationship for the same route of administration.

(2) Drugs with the same prescription but different drug names shall be combined into one group in principle; Drugs with the same or similar drug names but different prescriptions shall be divided into different groups according to the group prescription or composition.

(3) Exclusive products that cannot be merged according to the above principles are divided into 4 groups according to the price range of the key drug monitoring catalogue (hereinafter referred to as monitoring exclusive products) and the average daily treatment cost (referring to the average daily treatment cost of the enterprise, the calculation formula is: average daily treatment cost = the price of the minimum unit of measurement x the average daily treatment volume of the corresponding product regulations) published by Guangdong Health Department: ① Monitoring exclusive products; ② Products with average daily treatment cost ≤ 5 yuan; ③ Products with average daily treatment cost of 5-15 yuan (inclusive); ④ Products with average daily treatment cost> 15 yuan.

A, B two types of purchase order division.

(1) Exclusive products according to the above four groups only A purchase order, no B purchase order.

(2) Other products (hereinafter referred to as non-exclusive products) are based on the pre-purchase quantity of each specification of the same generic name drug in the same enterprise in the first year and the average daily treatment quantity of the corresponding specification, convert the total number of days taken by each enterprise in the same group into the total number of days taken by all enterprises in the alliance area as the basis for division, according to the proportion from high to low cumulative up to 80% of the enterprise products included in the purchase order, the rest is included in the B purchase order.

(3) The pre-purchase volume for the first year of the procurement period of this variety is determined by the total pre-purchase volume for the first year of the procurement period submitted by public medical institutions in the alliance region, and the grouping of purchase orders and representative products are as follows: