Jianfeng Pharmaceutical rehired Academician Wang Guangji as Chief Scientist

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On November 25, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Company invited Professor Wang Guangji, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, to visit and re-appoint him as chief scientist of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Company.

Since he was hired as the chief scientist in 2015, Academician Wang Guangji has led his scientific research team to conduct extensive and in-depth cooperation with Jianfeng Pharmaceutical in product research and development, academician expert workstation construction, etc., to provide good intelligence for the scientific and technological innovation and achievement transformation of the Jianfeng pharmaceutical industry support. During this visit, Academician Wang Guangji exchanged views with the management team and R & D department of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical on topics such as future product research and development direction and positioning. Huang Jinlong, deputy general manager of the group company and general manager of the pharmaceutical company, introduced the development status and future plans of the company's pharmaceutical industry in recent years, especially a series of measures to improve the product structure and production chain through mergers and acquisitions, cooperation and other channels. Affirmed. Academician Wang Guangji said that with the development of Chinese society, the demand for the pharmaceutical market is also constantly changing. Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. standardizes production, expands its scale, strengthens innovation in the field of infant medicine and anti-tumor drugs, and takes the road of international development. it is a choice with strategic vision.

Ding Defu, secretary of the party group of Jinhua Association for Science and Technology, accompanied Academician Wang Guangji to visit, and together with Huang Jinlong, he presented the appointment letter of chief scientist of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical to Academician Wang. Golden Dragon also signed a cooperation agreement with Academician Wang Guangji on behalf of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical.