Product Specialist

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1Responsible for the channel layout of the product line, define the market positioning of the product, supervise the market situation and explore the market potential; formulate and implement the marketing strategy of the product to match the corresponding market projects;

2Organize and implement product knowledge, sales skills, sales strategy training;

3Production and marketing strategy matching market support tools;

4Establish and develop a good network of experts to coordinate the progress of market projects;

5Implement and track market projects, monitor and evaluate the quality of market activity process and budget;



1Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing or pharmacy;

22 years sales or marketing experience, foreign company working experience is preferred;

3Strong market acumen and responsiveness, familiar with market research activities.

4Adapt to long-term travel, can be self-training;

5Strong initiative and interpersonal skills, meticulous, strong sense of responsibility, able to work under pressure;

6Familiar with computer office software

7Between 24-30 years old, gender is not limited.


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