Provincial Manager

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1Fully responsible for all business promotion in the provinces and regions, and responsible for the overall sales target of the provinces and regions and the sales target of the directly responsible offices;

2Responsible for the docking and landing of local policy affairs;

3Maintenance and docking of provincial core experts;

4Implementation and promotion of annual key marketing projects;

6Layout and business docking of provincial benchmarking chain;

7, provincial team management, business guidance, progress tracking and analysis and evaluation;

8Overall planning and arrangement of provincial and regional cost resource packages.



1Familiar with the promotion mode of medical treatment, the third terminal and retail chain;

2Proficient in the use of office tools;

3Able to adapt to long-term business trips.

4Strong work initiative and interpersonal skills, meticulous, strong sense of responsibility, can work under pressure.

51. Having certain industry resources and social resources in the region is preferred;


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