Drug Synthesis Researcher

Release time:



1Responsible for the synthesis of project research report, stage work summary, assist project declaration and on-site verification and other work;

2Responsible for pilot studies, process optimization, pilot production and technology transfer of innovative and generic drug synthesis;

3Complete the project schedule according to the time node, solve the problems encountered in the experiment process in time, and ensure the smooth progress of production process handover, scale-up production of research and development products and process verification;

4To guide and urge the experimenter to complete the experimental part as required, to write the original experimental records and instrument use records carefully, standardize and timely, and to process and summarize the experimental data in a timely manner.

5Responsible for drugs IND, ANDA, NDASuch as the writing of the declaration information.


Job requirements:

1Bachelor degree or above, major in pharmaceutical engineering, applied chemistry, synthetic pharmaceutical chemistry, chemical engineering and technology, pharmacy, etc.

2Good English reading, literature retrieval and report writing ability, strong planning, execution and organization and coordination ability;

3, self-motivated, responsible, professional dedication, good team spirit and communication skills, willing to develop together with the company.


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Contact email: jwq@zjjfyy.com.cn