Verification technician

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1Responsible for the management of documents of the technical department, collect and review the list of documents and relevant information received;

2Responsible for drafting cleaning confirmation and cleaning verification plan and report, statistics related data and review analysis;

3Responsible for organizing the drafting of product process verification plan, report, batch production record, batch packaging record, process specification, etc;

4Responsible for drafting the performance qualification (PQ) plan for the production process equipment in the commercial workshop to ensure that the performance of the equipment meets the process requirements;

5Responsible for the drafting of the research plan and report on the storage time limit of intermediate products;

6Participate in the production site process discipline inspection;

7Assist the manager or supervisor to complete the work related to technology transfer and process validation;

8Participate in the investigation of process-related deviations in the production process and solve on-site process technical problems;

9Participate in the improvement of product technology.



1Pharmacy and pharmacy related major;

2More than 2 years production quality management experience;

3Serious and responsible work, strong sense of responsibility, strong communication skills;

4Familiar with basic office software, and skilled use;

5, between the age of 28-40 years, gender is not limited.


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