The door of the drugstore is not so easy to enter. The chairman of the drugstore happily ate a closed door.

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"Your travel cassette is * and cannot be entered into the drugstore." On December 14, Jiang Xiaomeng, chairman of the group company, was stopped by the clerk when registering his personal information.

"Your trip cassette*No, you can't enter the drugstore."

    12Month14On the 15th, Jiang Xiaomeng, chairman of the group company, was stopped by the clerk when registering his personal information.

    On the morning of the same day, Chairman Jiang Xiaomeng, Deputy General Manager Xiang Chongping and relevant departments of the headquarters, to the company in the gold enterprise epidemic prevention and control key units of the International Trade Company, peak pharmacy to check the implementation of epidemic prevention work. Shizhen Pavilion is the flagship store and image store of Jianfeng Pharmacy. It is located in the core of the urban area. It has a large scale and complicated personnel flow. Naturally, it has become the first choice for this special inspection. But unexpectedly, before entering the door, he was rejected by "merciless.

    "My health code is a green code, my temperature is normal, and I'm wearing a mask, so I should be able to get in?" Jiang Xiaomeng went to Hangzhou on a business trip the other day, although he didn't go to the area where the epidemic occurred, but he had a little more on his itinerary card than others.

    "No. The new notice in the city, even if it is a green code, travel cassette*No. can't enter the drugstore." Found a "dispute" at the door, a clerk hurried over to help explain, "all pharmacies are the same."

    Seeing this scene, Xiang Chongping hurriedly stepped forward: "Don't you know each other? This is the leader of the group company. I came to your store today to inspect the work!" This "intercede" is clearly intentional.

    The clerk was somewhat embarrassed, but he still resolutely did not give in: "I know Mr. Jiang, but now is a special period, and we must implement the city's regulations."

    Finally, after inspection, Xiang Chongping and Li Xiaoyin, deputy manager of the audit performance department, had no abnormal health code, travel card and body temperature. After registering their personal information, they were allowed to enter Shizhen Pavilion and completed the epidemic prevention inspection.

    After being turned away, Jiang Xiaomeng was not angry, but smiled and praised the two employees who strictly controlled the "entry gate": "You have such a strong awareness of epidemic prevention, it's good." Xiang Chongping also said after the inspection: "If every store is like this, we will be relieved."