Peak natural products pollution control results by the industry attention

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As a leader in China's plant extracts industry, Tianjin Jianfeng Natural Products Company has achieved fruitful results in technological innovation. On October 26 and 27, at the 2017 Forum on improving the international competitiveness of China's plant extract industry held in Handan City, Hebei Province, Liu Dan, general manager of the company, delivered a speech entitled "prevention and control of water pollution in the field of plant extraction", introducing the successful experience of sewage treatment in the past five years, which was widely concerned by the participants.

In recent years, environmental protection and ecology have become hot words for the development of enterprises and society. Due to the particularity of the plant extraction industry, pollution control in this industry has different characteristics and requirements from ordinary production enterprises. For example, sewage presents higher chroma, extremely low PH value, more suspended solids, high salinity, high concentration of COD, and different sewage water quality of different products. As the earliest enterprise producing opc grape seed extract in China, Natural Products Company has always attached great importance to the pollution control of plant extraction. For example, in the sewage treatment upgrading project implemented in 2016, ozone oxidation and biochemical methods were adopted to remove the remaining organic pollutants, increasing the sewage treatment capacity from 200 cubic meters per day to 500 cubic meters. The latest anaerobic sewage treatment technology is adopted, the COD emission value of the outlet is reduced to 60 mg per liter, which is far lower than the national first-class emission standard of 100 mg per liter. The new system adopts advanced oxidation reaction tower, ozonation method, field energy reactor and sludge adsorption reflux technology, which can quickly and efficiently treat organic pollutants with strong chemical stability, eliminate pollution without adding any more chemicals, and neither generate secondary pollution nor transfer pollution.

In his speech, Liu Dan used a large number of detailed data analysis and chart cases to introduce the discharge standards, discharge analysis and treatment technology of water pollution in detail. He pointed out that the plant extract industry should undertake the agricultural planting industry upward and the big health industry downward, which plays an important role in the big health industry chain, and is also facing the change of globalization. In the future, we should not only attach importance to scientific and technological innovation and improve quality, but also standardize and institutionalize production, expand the product market, and include it as an important index and challenge to participate in international competition. To this end, the Natural Products Company took the lead in establishing the "Plant Waste Reuse Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance" in July this year to conduct in-depth research on further improving the added value of plant extract production and reducing pollutant emissions.

The Forum on enhancing the international competitiveness of China's plant extract industry is an influential academic activity in China's plant extract industry. In addition to nearly 400 representatives from enterprises, experts and scientific research institutes related to the plant extract industry at home and abroad, the forum also invited relevant experts from the American Natural products Alliance to attend the forum, How to create health products with "natural" as the core is an important theme of this forum. Therefore, the measures and achievements of natural product companies in pollution control introduced by Liu Dan in his speech attracted great attention from the participants, and many enterprises contacted and exchanged learning after the meeting.

During the forum, the natural products company was also listed as an excellent extract enterprise certified by the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medicines and Health Products, and became a plant extract.The member units of the Health Industry Alliance hope that with their industry influence and professionalism, the promotion of the Plant Industry Alliance will be implemented to promote the common development of upstream and downstream enterprises and achieve win-win cooperation.