Jianfeng Pharmaceutical to Implement Safety Production Work in the New Year

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After the holiday, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. actively implemented the work of safety in production in the new year, held a safety work conference in the new year, summarized the work of safety and environmental protection in 2021, learned the spirit of the safety summary meeting of the group company, deployed the key work of safety in 2022, implemented the responsibility system of safety in production, and put the work of safety in production and epidemic prevention and control in the first place.

After the holiday to resume work, peak pharmaceutical actively implement the new year's safety work, held a new year's safety work conference, summary.2021Annual safety and environmental protection work, learning the spirit of the group company's safety summary meeting, deployment2022Annual safety key work, implement the safety production responsibility system, and prevent and implement safety production and epidemic prevention and control work.

    2Month5Since the beginning of the day, various departments have resumed work. After the resumption of work, all departments actively organize employees to carry out post-holiday resumption of work safety education and training, good.Class First LessonDo a safety check before returning to work. At the same time, all employees are required to strengthen the study of safety laws and regulations, pay attention to traffic safety on the way to and from work and business trips, increase the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers and assessment efforts, and strictly implement the prevention and control measures of the new crown epidemic. In addition, various departmentsIn addition, the safety equipment and facilities have been maintained, and the faded and aging safety warning signs have been replaced to further strengthen the safety awareness of employees.