Spike Pharmaceuticals Helps Sink Quality Resources

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From September 24 to 25, the "Summit Forum on Helping the Sinking of High-quality Resources and the" Two Searches "" event co-organized by Jianfeng Pharmaceutical was held in Shengzhou People's Hospital, Zhejiang Province.

Sponsored by China county health development research center and China county health magazine, the event attracted leaders and academic experts from the national family planning Commission and local family planning departments, as well as presidents of dozens of county hospitals from Inner Mongolia, Anhui, Shandong, Jiangxi and Heilongjiang, as well as nearly 100 department directors and scholars of county-level hospitals, On "how to improve the service capacity of county-level hospitals" under the general trend of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, county hospitals how to undertake "and other issues to discuss.

On September 25, at the "Exploration and Moving Forward: Implementing Hierarchical Diagnosis and Treatment, and Accelerating the Rapid Improvement of the Service Level of County and Municipal Hospitals", Huang Jinlong said that hierarchical diagnosis and treatment and the sinking of high-quality medical resources are the country's strategy to accelerate the development of medical and health services. The choice is the only way to gradually realize the ambitious goal of basic medical and health services for everyone. Medical and health services are directly related to the health of the people. It is necessary to promote the downward shift of the focus of medical and health work, the sinking of medical and health resources, promote the equalization of basic public services in urban and rural areas, and provide the people with safe, effective, convenient and cheap public health and basic medical services, and truly solve the problem. It is difficult and expensive for the grassroots to see a doctor. As a national high-tech enterprise, Peak Pharmaceutical is willing to join hands with related industries to discuss pharmaceutical and medical development plans. The pharmaceutical company will also cooperate with the "Chinese Journal of Pharmacy" and "Chinese Journal of Hospital Pharmacy" to actively participate in the continuing education and training of some grassroots medical staff, and make a modest contribution to improving the professional level of medical professionals.

During the meeting, the relevant persons in charge of the pharmaceutical sales company and the participating experts conducted academic exchanges. While sharing effective, high-quality and low-cost drugs, they introduced the achievements of drug research and development to the experts, and through the experts' clinical experience in medical practice, In turn, guide the direction of product development.